Tenancy laws and dispute resolution in each state are managed by different bodies. Australia's various residential tenancies authority enforce their individual region's Tenancy Act on behalf of their state or territory government. The organisations responsible for the administration of a Residential Tenancy Act are:

  • ACT Residential Tenancies Tribunal

  • New South Wales Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal

  • Northern Territory Consumer and Business Affairs and Northern Territory Department of Justice

  • Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority

  • South Australia Residential Tenancies Tribunal

  • Tasmania Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading and the Residential Tenancies Commissioner

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

  • Western Australia Department of Consumer and Employment Protection and a Magistrates Court

Both landlords and tenants can lodge disputes with the various bodies. Examples of common applications relating to tenancy laws include:

  • Termination of a tenancy agreement

  • Termination and possession order

  • Order for payment of rent arrears

  • Compensation and reinstatement for wrongful eviction

  • Rental rate increase reviews

  • Reduction or reimbursement for rent paid and payable

General Disclaimer

The information contained in TenancyCheck.com.au website is general information only and does not constitute legal, financial or compliance advice. As the laws relating to tenancy agreements may have changed we recommend you check with the relevant State or Territory government department. We also recommend that you obtain your own independent legal advice about matters relating to landlord obligations, tenant rights and any legal disputes you may have with a tenant(s).