Great tenants are out there - but to find them you first have to perfect your screening process.

Tenant screening starts the first time you interact with the prospective renter over the phone or via email. Make notes about your initial impressions from the conversation and later file it along with their application form. Reiterate the rental price and property features. Take this opportunity to ascertain why they're interested in the property, reasons for leaving their current dwelling, and the number of people who would be occupying your property. Also make note of the lease length they're after, the distance to their place of work, and how long they've been with their current employer.

Once a prospective tenant has submitted their application form, the next stage of the tenant screening process is to verify the details they've provided you, including checking each and every reference. This may be time consuming, but it may save you from hassle in the long run.

In addition to employment and rental references, it's vital you also research the prospective tenant's financial stability.  Keeping a checklist for applications is a good part of the tenant screening process, in the end of the day you are trying to find the best fit for your property.

General Disclaimer

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