Acting as a landlord, whether you're managing one property or several, requires careful planning to ensure you don't hemorrhage both time and money.

The following tips and techniques are provided as general advice only and may help you to  better manage your investment property.

  • When creating your application template make sure you create enough space to list multiple landlord contact details - not just their current landlord who may have vested interest in helping problematic tenants find a new dwelling. Landlords once removed may provide a more accurate picture of the tenant's.

  • Making sure prospective tenants include detailed employment history should be a piece of landlord advice that goes without saying..

  • A tenant check is an invaluable part of any screening process, any information you can find on an existing tenant could help separate the good from the bad.. We recommend you obtain the prospective tenant's consent before disclosing their personal information to a third party.

  • References are there for a reason - make sure you call each one. If they don't call you back, try again or ask the applicant for additional references.

All the steps you take to ensuring you get the right tenant is time well spent. It may take some time sorting through applications but it could save you money in the long run.

General Disclaimer

The information contained in website is general information only and does not constitute legal, financial or compliance advice. As the laws relating to tenancy agreements may have changed we recommend you check with the relevant State or Territory government department. We also recommend that you obtain your own independent legal advice about matters relating to landlord obligations, tenant rights and any legal disputes you may have with a tenant(s).