The Insurance Council of Australia has compiled the following guidelines to help Australians avoid losing out as a result of under insurance:

  • As you accumulate new appliances, technology and furniture, the value of your property's content increases; remember to update your insurance accordingly

  • The cost of building rises each year, while building regulations and bylaws are also frequently tweaked -review your insurance annually to factor these changes in. There are many free web calculators to help you tally potential costs. Alternatively, contact a local builder for advice

  • It's vital that you base your insurance premium on the actual value of your assets, rather than pulling an arbitrary number out of the air. A room-by-room assessment of the value of your assets is time consuming, but it may ultimately save you big bucks

  • If you don't really understand your existing insurance policy, it's time to start asking questions. Don't be shy, no one expects you to be an expert

  • If you've renovated or improved your property since your insurance was initially taken out, it's important to add the value of the improvements to your policy

  • Compare different policy types to find the one that perfectly fits your needs - such as a sum-insured policy, a sum-insured policy plus margin, or a total replacement policy

General Disclaimer

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